Orbis Distribution provides U.S. consumer products companies with turnkey retail distribution in international markets.

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Acai Berry

Bee Natural lip balms are made from 100% natural ingredients including, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oils, and flavor extracts.

Protect and moisturise your lips, naturally.
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Manicure to go

The Nail & Fly ergonomic nail file is safe for travel, and is the perfect companion for pocket or purse!
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Orbis Distribution is a supplier of personal care products for retail distribution, particularly in the Drug and Mass Market sectors. We provide quality and innovative brands. Our business activities include product development, product selection, sales, marketing, warehousing, logistics, and order fulfillment.

Orbis Distribution’s mission is to be a profitable and reliable counterpart to its business partners. Our understanding of international markets, including Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Benelux, Poland to name a few), and Japan, coupled with our retail relationships, provide a solid foundation for fulfilling the company’s mission. We supply our products directly to retailers, and/or through our network of sales partners, to provide greater access to our products in the various countries.

Orbis Distribution was founded in 2002. Since its inception, we have understood that no two markets are alike, and that successful sales of a product in one market/channel, do not necessarily translate into successful sales in another. As a result, our product portfolio varies by customer and country. We have developed a keen understanding of our customers’ profiles, and will not offer them products that we do not believe have the highest chance of sales success. In short, we have built up our credibility over the years, and have earned their trust.

If you are a product company looking to improve its international distribution capabilities, or a distributor or retailer looking to access the Orbis product family, contact us.

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